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We’re looking for volunteers to organise Escape Mondays. Are you one of them?!

The idea is that likeminded people get together and discuss alternative careers, entrepreneurialism and adventure. Sometimes with guest speakers, sometimes just a group of people talking to each other and taking part in activities to challenge them to take small steps towards change.

Organising Escape Mondays is a great way to expand your network, meet likeminded people and accelerate your own entrepreneurial journey or career change.

We’re looking for expressions of interest. If there is a lot of interest for your town / city we will get back to you with more information to see if we can make it work.
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Thanks so much for wanting to volunteer. When there is enough interest your city we'll get back to you. We're a tiny team trying to make massive things happen, and moving as fast as we can, please be patient when waiting for email responses.
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