You're reading this because you've been recommended as someone who can play a part in making our tribes awesome. 

Our mission at Escape is to help 1 million people find fulfilling work. 

Now that we have the foundation of our core education product in place, we are switching our attention to building a tribe of talented role models, coaches, mentors, experts and leaders to start scaling.


The opportunities range from one-off speaking and storytelling sessions, mentoring and coaching a small group, through to (paid) freelance roles as co-pilots and Tribe Leaders.  

We're code naming this project: #EscapeLeaders.

We're building this leadership tribe not just to help accelerate our mission but also to grow a community alongside our full-time team of talented, purposeful people who live the Escape values in their careers.

Another world of work is possible. Join us.
Your full name

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Where are you based? (ie London, Berlin, New York)

Which aspect of Escape Leadership are you interested in?

Great. For the role of 'Tribe Leader' we have some minimum experience required. Please check below and continue.... *

Startup Tribe Leader: Have you started a successful business? Are you able to present / teach startup topics with energy to a room of 50 budding entrepreneurs?

Escape Tribe Leader: Have you escaping a corporate job and believe you can lead a class of 50 people? Do you enjoy public speaking, running workshops / group exercises?
How much time do you potentially have to give to these roles?

Why do you want to become an Escape Leader (in a tweet)?

What is your main area of expertise/experience that overlaps with our tribe curriculum? http://www.escapethecity.org/tribes

Anything else you would like to add (ideas, experiences, connections) or ask?

Thank you. 

We'll be in contact soon.

Please pass this on to at least one other person who you think would make an impact on our tribes.  

Read more about tribes > http://www.escapethecity.org/tribes

Any questions just email ben@escapethecity.org