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Tribes are community programmes designed to help you make that brave career leap.
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We’re looking for seriously impressive, experienced candidates to facilitate Tribes. Are you one of them? At this stage we’re looking for expressions of interest. For those who are interested in running a Tribe, once we have plans to expand to your city we will get back to you with the full role description and application guidelines.
You've indicated you're interested in facilitating a Tribe, great! Here is a bit more as to what you can expect:

What is a Tribe Leader?
A Tribe Leader is the main facilitator of our Tribes programmes, they act as a teacher, mentor and organiser for all Tribe activity. This means finding a location where Tribes can take place each week, running sessions for up to 20 participants each week of the duration of the programme and finding suitable external speakers or coaches to supplement their own knowledge. It is a part-time role, but a big responsibility, so you will need to be organised, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial in your approach.  

Who is the ideal candidate?
We run two different versions of Tribes: the Startup Tribe and the Escape Tribe. For both, we are looking for impressive individuals who have lived experience teaching and facilitating others. For the Startup Tribe we are looking for entrepreneurs or individuals with significant experience either running a business or working with early stage start-up and established businesses. For the Escape Tribe we are looking for individuals with credible experience in the careers advice space, you may have worked extensively as a careers advisor or as a careers coach.
When can I expect to hear about the full role description and when will the application process open? 
We are a small team trying to make big things happen, we're moving as quickly as we can but the process may take a little while. We have plans to launch international Tribes in mid-2016, as soon as we've identified the best suited locations for our Tribes programmes to launch in, we'll be in touch with candidates in those areas. Please do be patient while we pull everything together, we will get back to you as soon as we can but realistically this may be in a few months' time.

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Thanks so much for your interest in facilitating Tribes. Once we have plans to expand to your city we'll get back to you, this may be several months. We're a tiny team trying to make massive things happen, and moving as fast as we can, please be patient when waiting for email responses.
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